RBMA presents SonarDôme 2017

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Sam Smelty

We’re back at Sónar Barcelona! Coming to you live with Matmos, Veronica Vasicka, Star Eyes b2b Jubilee, Suicideyear, and many more.

From June 15-17, Red Bull Music Academy will once again take over the SonarDôme stage at Barcelona’s Sónar Festival to host a lineup of close Academy friends anRead more

SATURDAY 17TH JUNE (all times CET)

Ghostly Enemies
Crystal / Sparrows
Veronica Vasicka
C. Tangana
Star Eyes b2b Jubilee

4:19pm EDT

Woah. So many smiles and gunfingers. Thank you Barcelona for an amazing three days. We're out now to Sónar By Night, look after each other and we see you next year!

3:07pm EDT

Strap in for the final hour as Star Eyes and Jubilee take us through a whirlwind tour of booty bass, deep rave and electro. It's on!

1:33pm EDT

We're back with our scheduled live stream at 20:45 CET, when Star Eyes and Jubilee go back-to-back for the closing set for this year's SonarDôme. Hold tight!

1:31pm EDT

Louisiana's outer rap production wizard Suicideyear resets the vibe with his galactic beats and some serious low-end lean.

11:21am EDT

We let the dust settle for a minute before Madrid rap sensation C. Tangana rebuilds the vibe brick by brick.

10:12am EDT

Now Minimal Wave doyenne Veronica Vasicka drops the temperature with some ice cold synth and dark EBM.

9:24am EDT

Set the program to spin: Matmos prepare to tumble dry our heads alongside their fourth member, the Whirl-o-matic 4000.

9:09am EDT

After a hard reset, we're back for more electro excursions from the land of the rising synth. Computer's have feelings too, you know.

8:40am EDT

Next up: Japanese synth maestro Crystal / Sparrows brings his pixelated electro visions to the stage.

8:39am EDT

Huma builds the tension with their stacked-up harmonics and low-end overload. The levels are close to melting point - and not just from the afternoon sunshine.

7:40am EDT

Starting us off with their moody grooves, Ghostly Enemies fill the Dôme with some sultry shapes.

6:53am EDT

Soundcheck done and we're ready for Ghostly Enemies to set the vibe for the final morning of Sonar By Day.

4:19pm EDT

And we're out! Emotions and dance moves running high for a second day at SonarDôme. We're back tomorrow at 1PM. Stay gold people.

3:22pm EDT

Robert and Lyric Hood and turn up the volume with their Floorplan Live show: for an hour of sanctified house and cathedral-sized techno.

1:55pm EDT

Time for a dose of reality: Marie Davidson fires up the drum machines and modules to present "Bullshit Threshold"

1:16pm EDT

China's Pan Daijing dives into the darkest corners of the psyche, with her evocative noise-scapes.

11:59am EDT

Suzanne Ciani is here to put the quadrophonic sound system through its paces with her Buchla 200e. Get your aqualungs on!

11:05am EDT

River Tiber is up now, taking us deep down into the swells and eddies of the human heart.

10:48am EDT

If the island was off the coast of Saturn, that is...

10:31am EDT

It’s midnight on Lamusa’s own private tropical island, as he play the dark, tribal soundtrack to his dreams.

10:31am EDT

Despite the airline losing most of her synth luggage... Sofie comes through with some improvised solutions. Nice!

9:28am EDT

Amsterdam's Sofie Winterson brings her lush electropop vision to the stage.

8:11am EDT

Big up to the belly dancers out there!

8:07am EDT

Now Etyen takes us on a trip through his panoramic and bass-driven grooves, with a heavy Lebanon flavour.

7:36am EDT

Julián Mayorga's psychedelic world is for also for mathematicians everywhere: "The little girl loves quantum physics... yes, she loves it."

7:09am EDT

Welcome back! It's day two and the SonarDôme is already jumping to the playful, outer-dimensional sounds of Julián Mayorga.

3:57pm EDT

Thanks everyone for an amazing day and night at the Dome! Enjoy Sonar By Night, we're back on the stream tomorrow at 1PM.

2:40pm EDT

..and lifting the roof off!

2:32pm EDT

Denis Sulta bringing the sunset vibes!

1:40pm EDT

Chicago godfather RP Boo serving up stone cold cuts from the footwork galaxy!

12:29pm EDT

Uh Oh Father in the building!

11:53am EDT

Woah Eternal Something and Daniel Brandt channeling the spirit of an acoustic techno tsunami to move you through the next hour!

11:16am EDT

Big up Christian Tiger School, blowing through the Dome with some seriously meditative rhythms. Up next in 10 - Daniel Brandt and Eternal Something to carry the torch.

10:35am EDT

CTS with the deep broken jazzy vibes.. Nice!

10:13am EDT

Grab a Boerie and strap in for Christian Tiger School’s finest lessons in jazzy mutated techno and hybrid hip hop, from the streets of Cape Town.

9:06am EDT

MIIIN is here to twist your melons in the most deliciously dark, fractured and choral way.

8:49am EDT

Boooom. RayRay steps up with some powerful low-slung rumblers and half-time beats.

8:49am EDT

And we’re off! Lanoche invites us to drift in-and-out of her stripped-down house grooves and waves of lush synth.