Across 135th Street

Douglas Sherman

60 minsFirst aired 27 Mar 2019
Maxwell Schiano

The esteemed Loft musical host and balloon whisperer presents an impeccable sonic excursion into rock, funk, disco and house.

From the moment Douglas Sherman attended his first dance at David Mancuso’s Loft party in downtown Manhattan in 1979, the New York City native pledged his devotion to a social ethos absent of ego. Profoundly moved by the expression of love manifested by Mancuso’s weekly gatherings, over the years Sherman would go on to contribute to the Loft as an organizer and the man in charge of the party’s signature balloon display; he was eventually invited by Mancuso to play records as a musical host. Sherman continues to fulfill these roles some 40+ years later as a key part of the Loft family, in addition to musical hosting the similarly spirited NYC parties Joy and Adventures In Flight. On the latest episode of Across 135th Street, host Chairman Jefferson Mao invites Sherman to chat about his experiences as a revered citizen of the city’s music and nightlife community and share an immaculate selection of tracks that span genre and era.


Produced by Jordan Rothlein
Engineered by Ryan Woodhall

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