Across 135th Street


60 minsFirst aired 21 Aug 2018
Maxwell Schiano

Chairman Mao welcomes world-class mixologist Ge-ology for record-nerd chatter and a superb set of rare gems and five-dolla hollas.

In the record game there are those individuals who are deep in their knowledge of records and music, and those who are deep with their records and know what to do with them. Ge-ology — world-revered DJ/producer and acclaimed visual artist and designer—is posited very firmly in the latter category. While he can usually be found trotting about the globe with packed-to-the-gills record bags in tow, the Brooklynite found some down time between gigs to sit in on the latest episode of Chairman Jefferson Mao’s Across 135th Street, doing what he does best: Putting on a veritable clinic of exquisite selection and skills.


Produced by Matthew Ismael Ruiz
Engineered by Joe Hazan

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