Across 135th Street

Miss Info

60 minsFirst aired 15 May 2018
Jeff Mao

Chairman Mao welcomes broadcast personality Miss Info to channel her inner rap nerd and discuss the classic era of hip-hop journalism.

As any plugged-in rap fan is well aware, Minya Oh, AKA Miss Info, has for years been documenting all facets of hip-hop culture via her news site and regular appearances on New York City commercial radio. What some may not be fully aware of is that her broadcast career was preceded by a period as a respected music journalist and editor, working with seminal publications like The Source, XXL and Vibe. It was during those years that Jefferson “Chairman” Mao first met Oh, and on the latest episode of Across 135th Street the two colleagues reminisce about toiling in the trenches of old rap media, and extoll the merits of records made by Biz Markie’s brother.


Produced by Harley Brown
Engineered by Joe Hazan

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