Adam Harper’s Bubblebath

The Drain

120 minsFirst aired 25 Dec 2018
Artwork by Kim Laughton

Pulling the plug on 2018: A year in rewind featuring Lotic, Oneohtrix Point Never, Elysia Crampton and lots of lesser-known gems.

Welcome back to Adam Harper’s monthly foray into the most colorful corners of internet music and electronic avant-garde. For one final time, Adam fills up a tub and immerses himself in the best new sounds he has encountered in 2018. You’ll find more big names than usual on this month’s playlist, including excerpts from Oneohtrix Point Never’s excursions into baroque-prog; acclaimed releases by SOPHIE, Laurel Halo and Elysia Crampton; and even a 2018 offering from Steve Reich. But there’s also Zuli’s warped take on Egyptian rap and deconstructed bass music, Réelle’s posthumously released masterpiece and so much more to discover. As always, this episode was entirely put together by Adam himself, with additional editing by Franck Haderer. Thanks for listening.


Hosted, mixed and engineered by Adam Harper
Additional engineering by Franck Haderer
Produced by Julian Brimmers

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