Adam Harper’s Bubblebath

Oliver Coates

120 minsFirst aired 24 Jul 2018This episode is unavailable. Why?
Artwork by Kim Laughton

The esteemed musicologist fills up a tub for cello don and composer Oliver Coates to talk about his upcoming album, Shelley’s on Zenn-La.

Welcome back to the Bubblebath program, a monthly safari through the most colorful musical corners of the www. This time, Adam Harper shares a tub with one of London‘s most prolific musicians, Oliver Coates. As a cellist, composer and producer, Coates is best known for his diverse solo works, ranging from minimalist electronics to expansive, cinematic arrangements, as well as for much-lauded collaborations with the likes of Mica Levi, Laurie Spiegel, Radiohead and visual artist Lawrence Lek. His new record, Shelley’s on Zenn-La is coming out in September 2018 via the esteemed RVNG Intl. label. Besides talking about Silver Surfer comics and other references that inspired the record, Coates and Adam discuss the works of Mike Nelson, the field recordings of Luc Ferrari and the merits of escaping the carbon-dioxide heatwave that has London in a firm grip. Also, stay tuned for the triumphant return of Bala Club’s Kamixlo, and a major comeback for the vaporwave genre.


Hosted by Adam Harper
Engineered by Franck Haderer
Produced by Julian Brimmers

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