Adam Harper’s Bubblebath

The State of Music Writing with Ruth Saxelby

120 minsFirst aired 23 Oct 2018This episode is unavailable. Why?
Artwork by Kim Laughton

Adam and his fellow writer/frequent editor Ruth Saxelby discuss the status quo of pop discourse and get excited about new music.

Many moons ago, Adam Harper’s career in music criticism took off with the publication of a much-noted article on the vaporwave genre for Dummy Mag. One of his editors at Dummy was Ruth Saxelby, who went on to become the managing editor at The FADER, and now works as a freelance writer and editor. Their most current collaboration brought forth a fantastic piece on post-Internet aesthetics. Earlier this month, Ruth and Adam sat together at Funkhaus Berlin, during the 20th anniversary of Red Bull Music Academy, to discuss the current status of music writing and criticism. A large portion of the chat can be heard on this month’s Bubblebath program, alongside brand new music by Angel Ho, N. Chambers, Casey MQ and many more.


Hosted by Adam Harper
Engineered by Joe Hazan and Franck Haderer
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