Adam Harper’s Bubblebath

The Self-Expressions of RUI HO

120 minsFirst aired 27 Nov 2018
Artwork by Kim Laughton

Adam sits down with Berlin-based producer RUI HO to talk about their unique take on electronic and traditional Chinese music.

Navigating through the sheer amount of great releases in November is no easy task – luckily we have Adam Harper to pre-select the cream of the crop for us. Kicking things off with grimy new stunners from Amsterdam’s Lyzza and Lisbon’s Principe crew, Adam shines a light on new releases by Edmonton’s Sven K, LA’s Pan-Asian artist collective Eternal Dragonz, Pulitzer prize winning composer David Lang, and many more. Also in this month’s edition, Adam chats it up with Berlin-based, Chinese producer RUI HO. The electronic musician, who sometimes moonlights as DJ Ruan, speaks about their many forms of self-expression, their chosen home of Berlin, and their radiant mixture of traditional sounds and new aesthetics.


Hosted by Adam Harper
Engineered by Franck Haderer
Produced by Adam Harper and Julian Brimmers

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