Adam Harper’s Bubblebath

Swan Meat

120 minsFirst aired 24 Apr 2018This episode is unavailable. Why?
Artwork by Kim Laughton

Discussing Bala Club, melodies and the ongoing war between heaven and hell with producer/noise poet Reba Fay, AKA Swan Meat.

For the 20th episode of his monthly exploration of new sounds, Adam catches up with noise poet and producer Swan Meat, AKA Reba Fay. Originally from the Washington, DC-area and currently based in Cologne, Germany (home to the Red Bull Radio HQ), Fay spent a few days in London to record with the BBC and perform with the Bala Club crew, of which she is an affiliate. She sat down with Adam in an abandoned university seminar room to discuss melody, sonic order versus deliberate chaos and the ongoing war between heaven and hell.


Hosted by Adam Harper
Produced by Julian Brimmers

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