Adam Harper’s Bubblebath


120 minsFirst aired 27 Mar 2018This episode is unavailable. Why?
Artwork by Kim Laughton

Adam fills up a new bubbly tub for Samb_Rules of Videogamemusic, the bustling label home to Uio Loi, Umfang, DJ Hotel and more.

New month, new tub, new musical luxuries from the most vivid corners of the www. This time around, musicologist Adam Harper plays hi-NRG riddims, caffeinated drums and warped sonics by the likes of Object Blue, KG, 8ULENTINA, Lanark Artefax, and Yayoyanoh. He’s also catching up with Sam, AKA Samb_rules, the entity behind the bustling cassette label Videogamemusic, for an in-depth chat about London, university life and the striking sounds and visuals of his back catalog. Instead of the chiptune aesthetics one might expect from an imprint of that name, Videogamemusic has focused on the darker, less-kitschy textures to be found on the hard drives of RBMA alumnus Uio Loi, Umfang, DJ Hotel and rRoxymore. Take a dip.


Hosted by Adam Harper
Additional audio editing by Max Schweder
Produced by Adam Harper and Julian Brimmers

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