All the Raps

Underbin Juggling No. 2

120 minsFirst aired 7 Jun 2019
Courtesy of Andrew "Noz" Nosnitsky

All the Raps mines the deepest recesses of the dollar bins for all the rap records that everyone else forgot.

This week on All the Raps, we’ll once again be hitting the 12-inch underbins at our own Park Blvd Records in Oakland to find the forgotten gems from the greatest format of rap’s yesteryear. We pulled chunky drum-machine funk, double-dusted boom bap, growly murder raps and at least one song about boys with big feet sucking face. The episode includes raps by rappers who were friends or friendly with 2Pac, Kool G Rap and Dr. Dre, but we certainly will not be playing raps by those famous artists.


Produced by Emilie Friedlander
Engineered by Joe Hazan

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