All the Raps

Nineteen Ninety Nine Driver (Side A)

120 minsFirst aired 15 Mar 2019
Courtesy of Andrew "Noz" Nosnitsky

All the Raps revisits the year 1999 in rap, with baguettes hanging from our fists like a chandelier.

Twenty years later, All the Raps takes a non-comprehensive, cross-sectional look at the year when rap splintered into a thousand different micro-fragments, when moody New York street rap, raucous Southern bangers, introspective Midwestern bedroom demos and virtuosic West Coast flows all occupied the same shelf space. Tune in for music from MF Doom, Mobb Deep, DJ Screw, E-40 and more.


Produced by Emilie Friedlander
Engineered by Mike Bloom

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