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Sounds of a Serious Dallas Party

120 minsFirst aired 16 Nov 2018Next All the Raps Fri at 2:00pm EDT
Courtesy of Andrew "Noz" Nosnitsky

All The Raps explores three and a half decades of hip hop music from Dallas, Texas.

Though not as nationally visible as Houston, Dallas has long been an underrated hub for Texas rap. This week on All The Raps we dig into that into that legacy—from trunk rattling old school bangers to crossover ringtone successes to the YouTube stars of today. Featuring tracks from early D-Town pioneers like Nemesis, The DOC and Vanilla Ice (yes, Vanilla Ice) as well as 21st century talents like Mr. Lucci, Big Tuck and Mo3.


Produced by Andrew “Noz” Nosnitsky and Matthew Ismael Ruiz
Engineered by Joe Hazan

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