S02E11 - Marco Repetto

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Alpenflage checks the pulse of the Swiss underground and reports back. This month with a very special feature on Marco Repetto of Grauzone.

In this episode we’re taking a close look at one of Switzerland’s most influential musicians, a man who has been at the forefront of forward thinking music in our country for more than three decades – Bern based producer Marco Repetto. He was among Switzerland’s punk rock pioneers in the late 70’s, landed a major new wave hit in the early eighties with his band Grauzone and their seminal anthem Eisbär and shortly after started experimenting with techno and all sorts of electronic music. Over the course of the last 30 plus years Marco Repetto has released countless records, including an album and two singles for Aphex Twins’ label Rephlex Records and he remains a mainstay in Switzerland’s underground to this day. Marco Repetto picked his favourite 15 tracks from his discography and is going to take us on a wild ride through more than 30 years of Swiss music history.

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