Alumni Mix

RBMA20: Ipek Gorgun

60 minsFirst aired 3 Aug 2018Next Alumni Mix Tue at 6:00pm EDT
Zuhal Harputogullari

The avant-garde Turkish sound artist crafts a mammoth hour of cutting-edge compositions with cinematic leanings.

Before Turkish sound artist Ipek Gorgun came to the 2014 Academy in Tokyo, she’d been working across the arts in her native Istanbul. She played bass and sang in avant-garde rock bands, created programming for electroacoustic projects and performed solo live shows at opera halls. She’s also known for composing soundtracks — most notably 2012’s Yok Anasinin Soyadi, which portrays the Turkish women’s struggle to keep their original surnames after marriage. As well as writing, recording and performing music, Gorgun writes poetry for contemporary Turkish journals, is an award-winning street photographer and is currently a Ph.D candidate in sonic arts at Istanbul Technical University’s Center for Advanced Studies in Music. After self-releasing her 2016 debut album Aphelion, which focuses on ambient and electroacoustic experimentations, and collaborating with Ceramic TL (AKA Night Slugs affiliate Egyptrixx), Gorgun signed to the label Touch for her 2018 album, Ecce Homo.

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