Alumni Mix

Andrea Balency

60 minsFirst aired 2 Apr 2019
Megan Cullen

The French-Mexican musician, composer and vocalist blends one hour of modern classical, ambience and transcendent jazz sounds.

Andrea Balency is a London-based composer, musician and singer who came to the 2011 Academy in Madrid as a participant. Brought up in France and Mexico, Balency studied classical contemporary composition at the Manuel de Falla Conservatory in Buenos Aires. She’s worked on numerous short film scores and music projects in Europe and Mexico, and has collaborated with artists such as Salva, Nick Hook, Kilo Kish and We Are Shining. As a solo artist, she released her Around And Back And Around EP in early 2018, in collaboration with percussionist Marc Pell and artist Kai Campos. Exploring how human physicality interacts with the abstract nature of musical forms, the EP’s structure, melodic lines and rhythmic patterns are based on human dynamics and gestures, with each track interpreting a specific, physical action. She’s also currently a touring member of Mount Kimbie’s band, and their 2017 album, Love What Survives, features her vocals.

Hear more from Andrea via her Bandcamp including information surrounding her new project “Len Baraca”.

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