Alumni Mix


60 minsFirst aired 3 Sep 2018
Elisa Fioritto

The Italian producer blends heady futuristic club beats, from Chino Amobi, Lee Gamble and others, into new Italian techno and noise.

Born in the Verbano-Cusio-Ossola region in northern Italy, Alberto Ricca is an electronic musician who’s released music under a variety of aliases, his most consistent being Bienoise. Interested in multimedia and creating a listening experience framed by memory and textual sounds that live between techno, house and folktronica, he’s released loosely thematic albums and EPs on labels like Concrete Records, Bitcrusher, and White Forest – his 2015 album for the latter, Meanwhile, Tomorrow, was regarded as one of the best Italian electronic albums of that year, and is considered part of a new wave of experimental Italian electronic music. Ricca is also a co-founder of the label Floating Forest, which releases mostly improvisational music. After coming to the 2014 Academy in Tokyo as a participant, he gained a Masters degree in Music and continues to produce original works. In 2018 he released the single Sharawadji III on the Enklav label, and composed for and toured with a contemporary dance company headed by Annamaria Ajmone. The piece, titled To Be Banned From Rome, explores the “new geography of ideas,” and how the internet influences human personalities.

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