Alumni Mix

RBMA20: Black Coffee

60 minsFirst aired 2 Aug 2018Next Alumni Mix Tue at 6:00pm EDT
Courtesy of Black Coffee

The South African house music superstar blends blissful Afro-house rhythms and groovy R&B harmonies to lush, sun-dappled effect.

Durban, South Africa, has been one of the hottest scenes in the world for dance music, and Black Coffee serves as its elder statesman. The deep house producer and DJ first appeared at RBMA as one of two South African participants at the 2003 Academy in Cape Town, where he was inspired to do things his own way - his style of Afro deep house is, in his words, “home-brewed but future-focused.” Black Coffee’s recording career began in ’05 with a smooth, dancefloor-focused remix of Hugh Masekela’s ’72 hit Stimela, and has gone on to include five solo albums, the most recent being 2015’s Pieces of Me, which went double platinum in South Africa.

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