Alumni Mix

RBMA20: Bosaina

60 minsFirst aired 14 Aug 2018Next Alumni Mix Tue at 6:00pm EDT
Courtesy of Bosaina

New Middle Eastern electronics, experimental reggaeton, dancehall, flamenco and hip-hop from the Egyptian musician and vocalist.

Bosaina is a well-travelled soul, so it’s fitting that her musical inspiration came from a subway train in a foreign land. Bosaina was briefly in New York on her way back to Egypt when she heard the looped click-clacking of metal on metal, and decided to remain in NYC to learn Ableton and make corrugated, hand-finished jazz. The Syrian-Egyptian artist, known in her native Cairo for her work with the Kairo Is Koming collective and the now-defunct music space VENT, sculpts her ambient pieces from soft and hard materials. The results have a fibrous, textural quality to them; she draws from Actress as much as she does from Miles Davis. In 2017, she released a double EP on Discrepant that focused on her love affair with cinema, decaying urban life and literature. As a DJ, she digs for rare and diverse music from around the globe, be it ceremonial drums from Sri Lanka or Afro-Cuban jazz, Latin funk, and of course, forward-thinking sounds from Egypt’s underground.

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