Alumni Mix

Federico Sánchez

60 minsFirst aired 1 May 2017Next Alumni Mix Tomorrow at 6:00pm EDT

Argentine folk sounds meet high-octane club electronics, with RBMA alum Federico Sánchez.

Argentinian musician Federico Sánchez came up in the underground music scene in his native Buenos Aires under the name The Peronists and championing a new style of digital cumbia - a vibrant electronic re-imagining of indigenous South American folkoric styles of music, intent on lacing together the deep musical histories of the Latin diaspora on a united and sweaty club dancefloor. Federico’s work with The Peronists showcased a more minimal approach to the new digital cumbia sound – polished and cosmopolitan, ambitious in its global outward-ness. In 2012, The Peronists’ track “Mi Llegada Tu Llegada Nuestro Descanso” was featured on the Future Sounds of Buenos Aires compilation, drawing on this multifaceted scene of electronic folk, cumbia and dub, and in 2013 Sanchez was a participant at the Red Bull Music Academy in New York.

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