Alumni Mix

Fizzy Veins

60 minsFirst aired 26 Mar 2019
Artwork by Manuel Error

The Cologne-based alum picks out some lovers rock versions and digital dub cone shakers.

UK producer and musician Fizzy Veins was an Academy participant way back in 2003 in Cape Town, when there was hardly a video camera in sight. He has a habit of chopping all the best bits out of tracks that many dancers hardly remember, and has tested the patience of dancefloors everywhere. Recently he’s been playing dub, dancehall and assorted reggae-not-reggae wrong-footers. His discography stretches from drum-machine workouts to folky ballads, with breaks and dancehall jams sandwiched in between; you can catch him as part of the amateur-hour imprint and radio show Planet Rescue. For this mix he dives into a selection of lovers rock versions, picking out some synth-heavy digi slugs from the ’80s through to the present day.

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