Alumni Mix

RBMA20: Mumdance

60 minsFirst aired 13 Aug 2018Next Alumni Mix Tue at 6:00pm EDT
Courtesy of Mumdance

The UK low-end futurist rattles through the ever-shifting hardcore continuum, blending techno, UK bass and rave tracks with steely force.

British producer and DJ Mumdance sees his work as “world-building” — he’s obsessed with the mutations of the UK hardcore continuum, from jungle, drum & bass, grime and trance all the way to US techno and electro, and those mutations inform his original material and DJ sets. His breakthrough sound, in collaboration with his Different Circles label partner Logos, is known as “weightless” — it’s an ethereal genre-clash of grime, ambient and disembodied percussion. As well as running Different Circles, Mumdance has produced music for grime MCs Riko Dan and Novelist, worked with Pinch and his Tectonic label, with Shapednoise as modular noise duo the Sprawl, with fellow RBMA alumn Wife as black metal group Bliss Signal and released two albums in collaboration with Logos. Oscillating between hard techno, euphoric rave and broken grime, with myriad strange pathways along the way, Mumdance is a champion of the UK underground.

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