Alumni Mix


60 minsFirst aired 20 Feb 2019
Riley Mauk

The LA based DJ whips up an hour of thunderous drum and bass and jungle classics for this weeks Alumni Mix.

By day, Colorado native Chris Muniz teaches creative writing, critical writing and Chicano studies at the University of Southern California. By night, he’s known as Nightstalker, DJing and writing for online magazine Bassrush, which pushes drum and bass to a wider US crowd. Drawing on contemporary US club styles such as EDM, trap and its many, evolving splinter styles, Nightstalker’s take on drum and bass and jungle is future-facing and open-minded, finding kinships between genres that seeks to draw in a broad, ever-youthful audience. With his bold and bracing style, Nightstalker is leading the way for drum and bass in the United States.

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