Alumni Mix

Kate NV

60 minsFirst aired 2 Apr 2018Next Alumni Mix Tomorrow at 6:00pm EDT
Vitalik Melnikov

Russian synth futurist and RBMA alum Kate Shilonosova steps up with a selection of sugarcoated avant-garde sounds dear to her heart.

Russian musician Kate NV came to the 2014 Academy in Tokyo, already a star in her native Moscow as the lead singer of post-punk garage band Glintshake, and after spending time with the experimental Moscow Scratch Orchestra, armed with a finely tuned sensibility for left-of-centre pop melodies, explored on her 2013 EP, Pink Jungle. With her 2016 debut album Binasu, on her own Orange Mill Records, Kate NV further explored her knack for pop melodies via the Japanese City Pop sound - that easy-breezy bricolage of disco, funk and soul.

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