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60 minsFirst aired 24 Apr 2017Next Alumni Mix Tue at 6:00pm EDT
Maria Louceiro

Portuguese producer and RBMA 2013 grad :PAPERCUTZ kicks off our new Alumni Mix series with a selection of tropical rhythms.

Portuguese electronic producer Bruno Miguel is the leader of :PAPERCUTZ, a live electronic group which has had a rotating cast of players and singers since it began in earnest in Miguel’s home city of Porto in 2008. With Bruno at the helm, writing and producing the music, :PAPERCUTZ brings together artists who can give a tactile shape to the sounds that Miguel has in his mind – vast pop dreamscapes that blossom with ethereal melodies and romantic harmonies. Collaboration, then, has long-shaped Miguel’s work. On the sophomore :PAPERCUTZ album, 2012’s The Blur Between Us, Miguel wrote lyrics with Portuguese fiction writer José Luís Peixoto and enlisted acclaimed producer Chris Coady – who helped shape the sound of groups such as Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Beach House, TV On The Radio and Gang Gang Dance, among others – to lead the recording sessions. In 2013, Bruno Miguel was a participant at the RBMA in New York, and apart from being a producer and band leader, Bruno Miguel has remixed artists such as Nite Jewel and White Sea of M83.

“As someone whose basic music ambition in the last years has been to try and write clever pop songs, I’ve pursued the assertion that music is our greatest escapism tool and its something I try to impart on the work I do. You know, that otherworldly quality likely to transport a listener to an imaginary place. I’ve also been struggling with the term ‘exotic’ cause musically one is never that far apart and cultures tend to merge themselves in a globalized world. Something like ‘world music’ sounds meaningless but I’ve found some comfort in Jon Hassell’s ‘Fourth World’ depiction as a blend of traditional music from around the world with Western forms and modern electronics. This is some of the music I’ve been listening to and has served as inspiration for my upcoming album King Ruiner, though this mix mostly focuses on dance electronic sounds. Repeated pulses and melodic patterns on the somber side but there are various directions one could pursuit in the same context. Again it’s just club music but if you listen to it carefully you might just find yourself lost in it, as I do.” – Bruno Miguel

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