Alumni Mix


60 minsFirst aired 4 Jun 2019
Courtesy of Philippa

The Berlin-based Kiwi DJ and producer with a love of spiritual grooves delivers one hour of soul-inspired house.

New Zealand born now Berlin based producer and DJ, Philippa’s career spans two decades, rising up the ranks to become a heavily sought out DJ on her home turf in New Zealand before relocating to Berlin in 2013 to immerse herself in the city’s thriving house and techno scene. Following many years of experimenting and studying electronic music production (as well as teaching it at one of Berlin’s leading music production schools), Philippa’s current project is her new record label At Peace. The first release - the “Pronoia E.P.” - is due out 14th June and contains three of own her own productions.

This mix for Red Bull Radio includes two unmastered, unreleased tracks of hers, which will hopefully see a release later on this year. About the mix she says:

I went classic with the tune selection. I’ve been spending a lot of time with my record collection in the last 6 or so months.. I started DJing in the late 90s so have a lot of great records from a golden era of house music, and my taste (which constantly shifts) has really focused on late 90s house of late - as such there are four records from that era included in the mix, from Rob Mello, Charlie Brown, Stacy Kidd, and Moodymann. It was a real pleasure to put together, I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed mixing it. And thanks for all the good times Red Bull radio”.

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