Alumni Mix

Ryota Miyake

60 minsFirst aired 11 Jun 2019
Sunao Maruyama

The Japanese Academy alum Ryota Miyake weaves one hour of experimental synth music, with German prog, space disco, library music and more.

Ryota Miyake, AKA Crystal/Sparrows, was a participant at the 2016 Academy in Montreal. The Japanese artist’s interests in tape recordings have drawn him into an experimental pop zone — as part of the band Crystal, he weaves together influences like Warp’s early releases, the soundtrack to Sega’s Out Run and the pop-leaning melodies of the Beatles. Recording solo as Sparrows, Miyake’s music heads in a more intimate direction, with folk and ambient vibes that conjure up woozy avant-garde synth pop concoctions. After his time at the Academy, he started a band with fellow alum Julián Mayorga called FLASH AMAZONAS, whose Binary Birds and Other Rubbish Surreal Things album came out on In-Correcto/Columbia. He’s self-released a techno EP under the name Saco & Uno, and is due to put out a Japanese-centric album as Sparrows this September. Titled Berries, the record includes music from other Academy alumni like Fazerdaze, Julián Mayorga, Kamron Saniee, Casey MQ and Vincent Ruiz.

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