Alumni Mix

RBMA20: Sinjin Hawke

60 minsFirst aired 31 Jul 2018Next Alumni Mix Tue at 6:00pm EDT
Zora Jones

The Fractal Fantasy co-founder and Kanye collaborator blends high-octane club beats, infused with the drama of rap and romance of R&B.

When a Sinjin Hawke production blasts through a club soundsystem, it creates a technicolour splash that feels somehow beyond 4D. With his musical partner Zora Jones, Sinijin Hawke is at the helm of Fractal Fantasy, a music, design and animation platform that pushes alien electronic music into new atmospheres – double-time footwork, neon R&B and instrumental rap are woven together to create a high-octane soundtrack for a futuristic club space. Although he came up in the party scene in Montreal, Hawke (along with Jones), his sound feels tied to no place in particular – Fractal Fantasy operates on its own axis, releasing Hawke’s and Jones’s solo and collaborative material, and recently material from friends, like Montreal native Martyn Bootyspoon. In the spring of 2018, Hawke released First Opus, his debut album and a bold statement of intent for the Fractal Fantasy sound – resoundingly bright and optimistic, it bursts with pop melodies, R&B swings and angelic choral singing, all layered into pumping bass rhythms. In August 2018, Hawke and Jones release their collaborative album, Vicious Circles, on Planet Mu.

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