Alumni Mix


60 minsFirst aired 9 Apr 2019
Samuel Sahlieh

The Argentinian dream pop artist blends one hour of shoegaze, ambience and washes of soft rock on the Alumni Mix.

In Paula Garcia’s native Spanish, sobrenadar loosely means “to float,” which gives you a sense of her style. She started to write songs in the mid-’00s, inspired by ambient downtempo electronics, ’90s shoegaze, ’70s pop and new wave film scores — Sobrenadar’s dream pop soundscapes and vocalizations have a watercolor quality to them, and are as much indebted to Boards of Canada as Cat Power. She self-released several singles and her first two albums — 2010’s self-titled record and 2012’s 1859 — before participating in the 2015 Academy in Paris. In 2018 she released her third album, y, on Sonic Cathedral Recordings, working with the producer Tibo Javoy (Jarvis Cocker, Zombie Zombie); she also sang on tracks for experimental ambient musician Jefre Cantu-Ledesma, on his album On the Echoing Green.

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