Alumni Mix


60 minsFirst aired 23 Apr 2019
Courtesy of UMA

The Austrian musician and one half of the duo UMA, Ella Zwietnig crafts an hour of shoegaze ambience, sound design and avant vocalisations.

Ella Zwietnig is a musician based long-term in Berlin whose work oscillates between different projects. After studying classical music and singing in choirs in the rural solitude of her native Austria, she joined the supergroup Go Die Big City! and started out on a more collaborative musical path. As a solo artist, she worked for some time under the name Jools Hunter, focusing on electronic beats and spacey synths – it was as Jools Hunter that she attended the 2011 Academy in Madrid. Around this time, Ella began working in earnest with her husband, German musician Florian of the group Mediengruppe Telekommande, as the duo UMA. They make music together in their self-built home studio, drawing on drone, ambience and UK bass influences like Portishead to shape their dreamy, dank sound. As well as playing with foundational shoegaze band Silver Apples, they released their 2014 self-titled debut album on Seayou Records with their follow up album If You Fall, Someone Will Notice released in 2018. In the summer of 2019, they’ll release their next single, Why?.

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