Andrés Presents New For U

Dedicated to Cuban Music

120 minsFirst aired 2 Dec 2018
Dez Andrés

Charanga, son, bolero and beyond: One of the Motor City’s finest DJs selects his favorite Cuban cuts.

Andrés, besides being an exemplary DJ and producer, is a killer conga player who comes from a long line of Cuban musicians. Having just returned from the island, he’s dedicated this month’s episode of New For U to the people of Cuba and their unique and powerful music. Tune in to hear his uncle’s work with Orquesta Novel, deep cuts from Los Reyes ‘73, the velvet pipes of Justo Betancourt and samplings of Cuba’s many musical styles. So sit back, relax and let Andrés do the rest.


Produced and Engineered by Conor Anderson

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