Calma (Spanish Electronica 1982-1996)

60 minsThis episode is unavailable. Why?

Exploring Spain’s artists and music scenes across the board. Featuring a special on electronica from 1982-1996, selected by Javi Bayo.

Bamboleo is a fresh slice of Spanish culture and music. From host Frankie Pizá, the enthusiastic and well-respected music journalist from ConceptoRadio, to director and man of vision Gabriel Tineo, right down to the sound design and jingles by Arkestra boss and alumnus Mweslee, Bamboleo oozes red-blooded passion and character. With a rotating assembly of some of Spain’s finest music heads, including Agorazein, Nano, Javi Bayo, and more, Bamboleo has its ear to the ground across all the music styles around the country, as they develop. The show features new tracks, interviews with important artists and music-makers, reports from some of the biggest festivals in Spain, and highlights different sub-genres. Bamboleo is all you need to know about what’s happening right now in Spain’s vibrant music scenes.

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