Bien Buena with Riobamba and Uproot Andy

Mala Fama

120 minsFirst aired 19 Sep 2018This episode is unavailable. Why?
Marilyn Martínez

The experimental Ecuadorian producer from Ibarra with his fusion of indigenous Andean music and modern tech, live in our NYC studio.

Esteban Farinango, AKA Mala Fama, is an experimental producer from the Imbabura province of northern Ecuador. Currently based in the regional capital of Ibarra, he’s immersed himself in the musical traditions of the Quichua indigenous groups from the surrounding Andes Mountains. Using a diverse array of samples, found footage and ambient recordings, Farinango’s productions reconstruct the hyperlocal geographies and communities of Ecuador within the context of electronic futurism. His work celebrates the traditional narratives of the Quichua through sonic abstraction, an experimental interpretation of what he calls “everyday people telling everyday stories” in Imbabura. His latest EP, Anta, is the first release on Riobamba’s record label APOCALIPSIS. It’s only fitting that he’d join our hosts in the NYC studio to expand upon his efforts behind the release, and to deliver a special live set.

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