Bien Buena with Riobamba and Uproot Andy

Catana and Polimá Westcoast

120 minsFirst aired 21 Nov 2018
Courtesy of Uproot Andy

Rare interviews with two of Chile’s rising rap stars, plus live performances.

Last month, Riobamba and Uproot Andy headed down to Santiago de Chile to play Hasta Abajo, a party for the city’s Red Bull Music Festival, along with MC Bin Laden, Tomasa Del Real and Deltatron. While in town, they linked up with some local stars of Santiago’s rap vanguard: Catana, a hip-hop veteran who’s recently honed her skills in Latin trap, and Polimá Westcoast, a Chilean-Angolan MC with a penchant for Auto-Tune. Catana, Polimá, Riobamba and Uproot Andy all met at our studio in Santiago to discuss the current state of affairs in the city’s thriving rap scene, play a few of their choice cuts and even perform live. Catch it all on this month’s show, along with new music from Kelman Duran, Nino Augustine and Tali Goya, to name only a few — you won’t want to miss it.

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