The Bug presents Killing Sound

Chapter 7: Ambient Riff

120 minsFirst aired 29 Mar 2017
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Immerse yourself in a set full of new and exclusive The Bug music, based on ambient guitar riffs by Justin Broadrick, The Body, Fennesz, Monolord, Aaron Turner (Sumac) and more.

If you don’t care for sheer weight, repetition, or drones, stay away from this heavyweight showdown.

When Julian Brimmers approached me to put the Killing Sound radio shows together for RBMA, he generously invited me to reflect the full span of projects I had been working on, and will be working on in the future. So, Ambient Riff mirrors the work Dylan Carlson and myself had explored in L.A., in fact “Broke” from that Concrete Desert session was the track I mailed to the guitarists I invited to send me music for this particular show, as a reference, to send me suitably intense riffs. 
I guess I was attempting to construct a Metal stripped of its wack gloss trappings, no bad solos, no bad vocals, no bad theatre… I wanted it to feel like the heaviest rock, chopped and screwed and stretched into hypnotic scores for movies in my head that have yet to be made. Just as hearing the likes of Justin Broadrick in the Streetcleaner-era of Godflesh had cured me of my phobia against 6-string instruments (due to my Mum bombarding me with Deep Purple, Rainbow, Santana etc as a kid, lol), so it was the idea of guitar as eternally revolving dream machine, that appealed to me for this show. The people I approached here, for me, are masters of slow, and the finest purveyors of tone, who wield the axe like a brush, capable of excessive texture, fragility and violence in their impressionistic playing. They have all been doing their thing for a long time, so needless to say this set is just an extension of their research and developments. They have been melting down six strings into liquid drone for fun for years.\
And as I def dig the three R’s – riff, repetition and resonance – with Ambient Riff, I wanted to put together a selection where, when you hear these tunes quietly, you can zone out horizontally, but when you turn the volume to 11, they will crush you mercilessly… The sound of rockets lifting off in slow motion, jets landing perpetually and speakers blown continuously.

So meditate on bass weight, get slayed by the mid range, and for best results wear headphones or play VERY f-ckin loud. Enjoy. – Kevin ‘The Bug’ Martin


Photo by Phil Sharp
Written & produced by Kevin ‘The Bug’ Martin
Special thanks to Monolord, Aaron Turner (Sumac), Nadja, The Body, Heather Leigh, Justin Broadrick and Fennesz for their contributions.

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