The Bunker NY


120 minsFirst aired 2 Aug 2018Next The Bunker NY Thu at 4:00pm EDT
Artwork by Common Name

A Bristol DJ and producer on the bleeding edge of techno and bass joins Bryan Kasenic in our NYC studio.

Bristol has long been a center for bass music in various forms. But these days, as the UK city’s DJs and producers have taken in fresh influences and helped the style mutate, “low end” is just the starting point. Whether it’s house, techno or otherwise, the city’s electronic music is some of the most inventive anywhere. This week on The Bunker NY, host Bryan Kasenic will be joined in the studio by Timedance boss Batu for a DJ set and interview. If you’ve caught his sets either online or in clubs, then you’ll know to expect: An exploration of genres, tempos and textures that’s wonderfully difficult to pin down.


Produced by Jordan Rothlein
Engineered by Joe Hazan

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