The Bunker NY

Derek Plaslaiko, Patrick Russell and Mike Servito

120 minsFirst aired 15 Nov 2018
Artwork by Common Name

Three Bunker residents – who also happen to be old friends and some of the planet’s best DJs – come together for the show’s 100th broadcast.

The Bunker host Bryan Kasenic has spent 99 episodes going the distance to showcase many of the world’s great electronic explorers, including synth-heavy live performances from Mark Verbos and Romans, sets from legends like Voices from the Lake and Function, sessions with rising talents like Forest Drive West and Abby Echiverri and special episodes from Los Angeles, Mumbai, Berlin and (of course) Detroit. This week marks the Bunker’s 100th broadcast with us, and to help get to the heart of the matter, Bryan has invited Derek Plaslaiko, Patrick Russell and Mike Servito – Bunker residents, Detroiters, great friends and supremely talented DJs all – to help him celebrate. We’ve featured all of them on the program before, but we’ve never gotten them in the same room for what’s sure to be two hours of incredible musical selections and entertaining conversation.


Produced by Jordan Rothlein
Engineered by Joe Hazan

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