The Bunker NY

Eric Cloutier

120 minsFirst aired 7 Dec 2017Next The Bunker NY Thu at 4:00pm EDT

The Detroit-born, Berlin-based techno killer touches down in our New York studio for another laser-focused DJ mix.

Eric Cloutier is a record collector with a notoriously bad habit. On a light day, he might spend as much time scouring Discogs and obscure record store email blasts as many of us would in an entire month. On a heavy day – well, it’s probably best not to quantify such things. Luckily the Detroit-born DJ and producer has been able to put his vast collection and intricate knowledge of trippy house and techno records to good use at such top-flight gigs as The Labyrinth in Japan, Berghain in Berlin (where he recently played a ten-hour closing set) and, of course, The Bunker in New York, where he’s held a residency for the better part of the last decade. Eric is based in Berlin these days, but on a recent swing through New York, he joined The Bunker’s Bryan Kasenic in our radio studio for an appropriately deep, head-spinning DJ set and discussion of some recent projects: his label Palinoia, his new back-to-back DJ project with London dance music head Jane Fitz and that epic Berghain set, preparations for which consumed his life (and living room) for many months.


Produced by Jordan Rothlein
Engineered by Ryan Woodhall

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