The Bunker NY

Gabriella Vergilov

120 minsFirst aired 30 May 2019
Artwork by Common Name

The inspired Brussels-via-Bulgaria producer, DJ and vocalist hops on the decks and mic to catch up with Bryan Kasenic and share her sound.

Gabriella Vergilov grew up in the countryside of Bulgaria, and was a classically trained piano player and dancer. A move to the country’s capital led to her discover the underground house and techno scene, and her life’s path was altered. She left her job in the fashion industry and became enthralled with learning to DJ and produce music — she has releases on Thema and Enemy Records, and has contributed vocals to the song “Moon Chant” on the Marco Shuttle Moon Chant EP on the Bunker NY. Today, while on a brief stint in NY on tour, Vergilov sits down with Bryan Kasenic for a great conversation in our Manhattan studio. She discusses her journey of becoming the artist she is now, her approach to her artistry and decision-making, her upcoming records and more.


Produced by Natalie Kelapire
Engineered by Mike Bloom

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