The Bunker NY

Jasmine Infiniti and Cali Rose

120 minsFirst aired 20 Sep 2018Next The Bunker NY Thu at 4:00pm EDT
Artwork by Common Name

The Bay Area-based DJs and advocates for queer visibility in the dance music scene join Bryan Kasenic live from our NYC studio.

Jasmine Infiniti hails from New York and is currently based there, with a brief but formative stint in Oakland, California. There, she and five collaborators – including this episode’s other guest, Cali Rose – staged New World Dysorder, a party that strives to “give voice to communities often underrepresented and overlooked, including but not limited to persons of trans* and/or gender-non-conforming experience, femme identified persons, women writ large and persons of color.” The party has gained a following that stretches from the Bay Area to New York and Berlin (not to mention hugely successful events in Montréal and Chicago). Following a huge set from the two of them at this summer’s Honcho Campout, Bryan was keen to have them on his radio show as soon as he could catch them in New York. Tune in for DJ sets and interviews with both artists.


Produced by Jordan Rothlein and Harley Brown
Engineered by Joe Hazan

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