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120 minsFirst aired 18 Oct 2018Next The Bunker NY Thu at 4:00pm EDT
Artwork by Common Name

The producer just released her debut EP through the Bunker New York — she drops by our NYC studio to play a vocal-inflected live set.

LDY OSC is Alyssa Barrera Auvinen, a South Texas native who cut her electronic-music teeth playing gigs in Mexico and, after a move to NYC for a music and sound engineering degree, tinkering with kit synthesizers and modular systems. Following a string of collaborative projects, including the band Artefactos de Dolor with Todd Sines and Charles Noel, LDY OSC is now stepping out with her first solo EP, Magic² of 8, which lands on the Bunker New York this month. To ring in the occasion, Bryan Kasenic invited LDY OSC into our NYC studio for a live set with vocals, along with a DJ set and interview.


Produced by Jordan Rothlein and Matthew Ruiz
Engineered by Mike Bloom

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