The Bunker NY

Legowelt and Anastasia Kristensen

120 minsFirst aired 1 Nov 2018Next The Bunker NY Thu at 4:00pm EDT
Artwork by Common Name

A versatile electronic music giant and an emergent Danish techno explorer meet in our NYC studio to DJ and talk shop.

The Bunker recently hosted veteran Dutch producer Legowelt and Danish techno linchpin Anastasia Kristensen as part of a wide-ranging party in Brooklyn, and both artists arrived in New York just in time to stop by our studios here and record a radio show with Bryan Kasenic. We’re thrilled they did – it’s a heavy one. Anastasia Kristensen takes over the first hour with a varied set of slower-tempo, melodically adventurous tunes unlike the techno you’d hear from her in a nightclub. There’s also an interview touching on her winding path toward electronic music and how major life events influenced her current outlook. Legowelt steps up for hour two, discussing his infamous Shadow Wolf cyberzine, the benefits of digital releasing and other topics before jumping into a DJ set that ties together everything from digi-dub to Italo disco.


Produced by Jordan Rothlein and Harley Brown
Engineered by Joe Hazan

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