The Bunker NY


120 minsFirst aired 2 May 2019
Artwork by Common Name

The Bunker NY label artist and polymath of noise, industrial techno and ambient music stops by for a mix and interview.

Mehmet Irdel is the musician and designer behind the name Løt.te (pronounced Loat-tey). Living in New York via Turkey, the artist has two releases on the Bunker NY (“Pressure Chant” in 2014 and “History of Discipline” in 2015), both summoning a nuanced strain of gritty warehouse techno in the ilk of Sandwell District. He has also released music on labels such as New York Trax, Blankstairs and Robert & Leopold (the tape label owned by Ryan Martin of Dais), the latter showcasing the spaced-out, ambient-leaning side of his sonic spectrum. Irdel is also an accomplished graphic designer and creative director, and those practices have found a home at Rote Productions, a platform founded by Irdel which releases graphic and audio works. Bryan Kasenic hosts his longtime friend on this episode of the Bunker NY — they’ll hop on the mic for an interview to discuss all of this and more.


Produced by Natalie Kelapire
Engineered by Joe Hazan

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