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Paolo di Nola and Dr. Rubinstein

120 minsFirst aired 4 Oct 2018Next The Bunker NY Thu at 4:00pm EDT
Artwork by Common Name

Live from RBMA Berlin, Bryan Kasenic invites two of the city’s cult selectors — one focused on disco and house, one on techno — for DJ sets.

With the Red Bull Music Academy currently rolling in the city, we invited the Bunker’s Bryan Kasenic to our studios at the Funkhaus for a broadcast showcasing some Berlin favorites. Neither of his guests are from Berlin originally – in a scene this international, that’s hardly uncommon – but both have found distinct niches here. After becoming a foundational figure in Rome’s mid-’80s house and disco scene and living for a time in New York, Paolo di Nola moved to Berlin in 2007 — his disco-fueled sets for parties like Homopatik and Buttons have become low-key legendary. Also on the show is Dr. Rubinstein, an Israeli-born DJ whose deeply considered, techno- and electro-heavy sets have found a home at Berghain and, increasingly, all over the world. Dr. Rubinstein and Paolo di Nola are the first in a series of guests Bryan is getting some time with in Berlin, so keep an ear to the ground for more episodes recorded at the Funkhaus over the next few months.


Produced by Jordan Rothlein
Engineered by Joe Hazan

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