The Bunker NY

Regis and Bryan Kasenic

120 minsFirst aired 16 May 2019
Artwork by Common Name

The Downwards label boss and artist stops in to play new music off his label and chat with Bryan Kasenic, who will also DJ.

We’ll break up the format a bit on this week’s installment of the Bunker NY. Karl O’Connor, AKA Regis, and Bryan Kasenic are two key figures in techno — O’Connor was at the forefront of industrial techno and noise from the mid-’90s through the aughts and into the present day. He runs the legendary label Downwards label alongside the UK producer Female; Downwards is home to a plethora of critical techno as well as drone, post-punk, noise and new wave. O’Connor will take a seat at our studio in New York City, play some records from his label and chat with host Bryan Kasenic about his career and the label. We’ll also get to hear from Bryan, as he’ll close out the last hour with a DJ set featuring his current favorites, before heading to Detroit for our Movement takeover.


Produced by Natalie Kelapire
Engineered by Joe Hazan

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