The Bunker NY


120 minsFirst aired 29 Nov 2018
Artwork by Common Name

The techno adventurer joins Bryan Kasenic in Berlin to play from two sides of his musical universe.

Guy Brewer has been making innovative, dark-hewn techno as Shifted for the better part of the last decade. (Before that, he was part of the boundary-pushing drum & bass group Commix.) Though born in the UK, he makes music very much of a piece with the cavernous, postindustrial spaces where dance music thrives in Berlin – which is where Bunker founder Bryan Kasenic caught him to record this episode, during a visit to the Red Bull Music Academy in Berlin this past October. But like many techno fiends, Shifted draws on a wide range of influences to craft his club sound. Across two mixes recorded from our studios at the Funkhaus, he explores some of the non-techno music he’s interested in, then shows how they play into his DJ sets. He also sits down with Bryan for an interview covering his musical history and the state of the scene as he sees it.


Produced by Jordan Rothlein
Engineered by Joe Hazan

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