The Bunker NY

Titonton Duvante

120 minsFirst aired 7 Mar 2019
Artwork by Common Name

The musical polymath from Columbus, Ohio, joins Bryan Kasenic live from our NY studio for a spirited mix and interview.

Titonton Duvante has been orbiting in and around the club scene for 20-plus years. Starting out in the ’90s in the Midwest, Duvante and the ele_mental crew took frequent trips to Detroit and surrounding cities searching for a certain kind of groove; they naturally developed a network of like-minded individuals. After time in New York, he now resides back in Columbus, Ohio, where he reps with his party Midwest Fresh. A musical polymath, Duvante is a musician, recording artist, producer, label owner, DJ, vocalist, composer and remixer, and his music has been released on Planet E, Metamorphic, Mosaic, Palette, Environ and his own label, Residual Recordings. A longtime friend of the Bunker NY, Titonton Duvante is a warmly welcomed guest on this week’s show.

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