Choice Mix


60 minsFirst aired 5 Dec 2018
Nasser Nasser

The Tunisian hip-hop producer blends North African and Arabic sounds with future-facing American and Francophone rap to dynamic effect.

Growing up in Tunisia, Aeli played jazz guitar, classical piano and drums, and poured his teenage energy into his experimental punk band, the Ursula Minor. When he moved to Paris, he studied at the SAE Institute and developed interests in electronic production and DJing. He soon shifted his musical focus toward Anglophone and Francophone rappers and instrumentals that draw from future-facing rap styles and North African traditional music, creating a dynamic sound that merges his Tunisian roots with contemporary US hip-hop. In recent years, Aeli has co-run and performed at a weekly party called Karak Beats, been part of producer and DJ collective the 264 Cru and released four solo records, the most recent being 2018’s Zoetrope EP, which folds Arabic sound sources into his jazzy beats.

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