Choice Mix

Akira Kosemura

60 minsFirst aired 1 Nov 2016Next Choice Mix Today at 9:00am EDT

Japanese composer and SCHOLE INC. label owner Akira Kosemura weaves ambient piano works together for a soothing Choice Mix.

Born in Tokyo, Japan, Akira Kosemura began playing the piano at 3-years old. 28 years later, he’s a self-taught composer and arranger who has released nearly a dozen solo and collaborative albums of contemplative, minimalist piano work. Drawing inspiration from film scores, he writes and records albums in the style of a soundtrack composer: ambient and acoustic sentiments of classical composition, what he describes as a way to “imagine, but not imagine, to find something beautiful in my mind.” Since 2007, he’s also been running his own label, Schole, to release his own music and the music of like-minded composers who he’s found online. Born of a relationship with the Australian artist Lawrence English, who started his Someone Good label to release Akira’s first album, It’s On Everything, the Schole label is deeply connected to Akira’s compositional mind-set. “The living world is always connected to composing music,” Akira says. “All living things are saving in my mind deeply. Composing music is not special thing for me - it’s something obvious, like breathing, crying and smiling.” For his Choice Mix, Akira Kosemura has woven together one hour of gentle piano compositions by himself and others.

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