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Ariel Zetina

60 minsFirst aired 8 Nov 2018Next Choice Mix Tomorrow at 6:00pm EDT
Tyke Riggs

The Chicago-based techno producer presents a mix entirely comprised of punta, brukdown, and soca tracks, with a focus on Belizean artists.

Ariel Zetina is a Chicago-based DJ and producer whose highly charged techno and house at adventurous speeds has been released by labels like Sweat Equity, Boukan Records and CLUB CHAI. The Smartbar resident has made a name for herself beyond the Chicago club scene through her cross-genre club selections that adapt and reflect the mood of each event she performs at. Her upcoming EP for Majía explores themes such as the body, distance from the ocean, acid house and her roots in Belize. Ariel’s mother is from Belize, and Ariel spent a number of summers with her mother’s family in Belize City growing up. Her mother’s mother is from mainland Belize while her mother’s father is from the Belizean cayes in the Caribbean Sea. Originating from mainland Belize, Punta and Brukdown are both musical genres Ariel grew up with and are considered national genres. Because of its place in the Caribbean, soca is huge in Belize. Ariel considers Square One, a Trinidadian Soca band, as the main artist she was exposed to as music from Belize. Because of this, soca from Trinidad, Antigua, Jamaica are also featured on the mix. The national language of Belize is English (although people speak a Belizean creole that is a blend of English, indigenous languages, and Spanish) but there is also music from Guatemala and Honduras, as punta is also from there, and the Yucatan Peninsula is very small (Ariel also has origins in Honduras). These genres and Ariel’s music share the four on the floor structure, organic polyrhythmic percussion, and ‘Casio keyboard’ electronic melody, and this mix hopes to meld this idea.

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